Shrimp Alfredo Egg Rolls

Happy Sunday! I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe today. I love to cook and since we have been quarantined for over a month, I have had to be more creative in the kitchen. This recipe was inspired by Rickey Nicole (@severalpeoplesmama) a fellow boss mom who is a beast in the kitchen. I made her recipe for Cheesesteak Egg Rolls and it was hit. My family asked for more egg rolls the next day and I came up with this recipe! Shrimp Alfredo is a household favorite of ours so it was only right! 🙂


  • 1 pack of Egg Rolls Wraps
  • 1 bag of Jumbo Raw Shrimp (Peeled and Deveined)
  • 2 cups of fresh spinach
  • 1/4 cup of chopped onions
  • 1 tsp of minced garlic
  • 1 – 2 tsp of olive oil
  • Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, garlic salt

Ingredients (Alfredo Sauce)

  • 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1- 2 tbsp of butter
  • 1/4 cup of shredded parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup of Italian blend shredded cheese
  • Italian seasoning, garlic power, onion powder, garlic salt

Start by defrosting the shrimp in a strainer under cold running water. Once the shrimp has defrosted, pat dry with paper towels and season to taste with the listed seasonings. Turn the stove on medium high heat and add olive oil to your skillet. Once heated, place onions and minced garlic into your pan and cook until the onions are soft and translucent.

Place the seasoned shrimp in the skillet (add more olive oil if needed) and saute the shrimp for 1 -2 minutes (very light pink). Be careful not to over cook the shrimp because you will be placing them in the egg roll wraps to fry later. Once the shrimp are a light pink color, place the shrimp mixture in a separate bowl and use the same skillet to pour in the ingredients to make the Alfredo sauce.

Add the butter to the skillet and melt. Once the butter has melted, pour in the heavy whipping cream, add seasonings, and slowly stir in cheese. Continue to stir slowly until cheese melts and add the shrimp mixture back to the skillet. Stir in the spinach until wilted. Remove from heat and let the mixture cool.

While the mixture is cooling, it’s time to prepare your pan with oil to fry the egg rolls. Once the mixture has cooled, add about a tablespoon of the mixture (two – three shrimp) and shredded Italian cheese to the egg roll wraps. Fold the wraps as instructed on the back of the package. Be careful not to add too much Alfredo sauce in the egg roll wraps. You can use the left over Alfredo sauce for dipping.

I added a slice of provolone cheese that I used the day before in my cheesesteak egg rolls

Once the grease is hot, place the egg rolls into the skillet and fry for 1- 2 minutes on each side until golden brown and drain on paper towels.

Warm the leftover Alfredo sauce up in the microwave for a few seconds. Drizzle it on top of the egg rolls or use as a dipping sauce.

You can also sprinkle parmesan cheese on top

These were delicious and easy to make! It’s safe to say that they have been added to our menu! You can make these as an appetizer or add a salad for a complete meal! If you decide to try them, please tag me on Facebook and/or Instagram @yourchicness!

Happy Cooking!

Don’t Rush Challenge- Girls Night In Edition

Happy Sunday! I pray that all is well with you and your family! There is a lot going on in the world today. However, we must do all we can to stay safe, prayerful and connected with each other during this time. There are various ways to stay connected with your girls virtually until we can all go outside again!

I connected with the girls over the weekend for the Don’t Rush Challenge! This was sooooo much fun! I got to play dress up and have a glass of wine. Check out our Girls Night In Edition of the challenge!

Special shout out to Shayla, Tasha, and Amerika!!

How To Achieve A Bomb Wash and Go

When it comes to achieving a wash and go style, I do not believe that it is one size fit all! There are various types of natural hair and no one has the same curl pattern or texture. However, I do believe that the key to achieving the prefect wash and go is using the right product(s) that work best with defining and moisturizing your curls.

A wash and go can be achieved at home and in the salon. Don’t let the name fool you! 🙂 It sounds super fast and easy, but there are steps that you should follow to ensure that your curls looked defined and moisturized. This is best done by using the LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method. This method has been my holy grail to achieve a bomb wash and go!

1. Wet hair

This can be done by washing your hair with a high quality shampoo or wetting your dry hair with a spray bottle.

2. Part your hair in 4 sections

Parting your hair in sections is a life saver! This makes detangling easy and allows you to make sure that the moisture from the water and products are evenly distributed throughout your hair.

3. Begin the LOC Method one section at a time.

  • Apply Liquid (water) with a spray bottle
  • Apply Oil of your choice to seal in the moisture
  • Apply Cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss

4. Let your hair air dry

The LOC Method has been scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to moisturize natural hair when using the right products in the right order!!

Tip: If you experience shrinkage once your hair is dry, you can stretch your hair using the banding method.

Opening Weekend Is Here! The Lion King

Opening weekend is here and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous at the same time! I’m excited that I get to watch this classic remake with my 11 year old son and I’m a little nervous about Beyoncé as Nala. I love the Queen but acting isn’t exactly her strong point!

Disney, please don’t disappoint us!

I’m ready to grab some popcorn with extra butter and sing along to all of the original songs! Hakuna matata!


“Never, Never, Never give up on your hair!” – unknown

On April 17, 2016, I decided to do the big chop!  I didn’t have any specific reason for doing it other than I wanted a change.  I also convinced myself that having natural hair would be easy and boy was I wrong!  This journey over the last 3 years has not been easy.  I learned early on that you definitely have to have patience and everybody journey is different!  Three years later, I still don’t know all the ends and outs about texture, porosity, etc…  I only know what works for me and I pretty much stick to that! 

In honor of my Three Year Naturalversary, here are 3 fun facts about how my journey began.

Fun Fact #1

I did the big chop myself!

Fun Fact #2

I had the biggest “What the hell did I just do?” moment after I cut my hair!

Fun Fact #3

My boys (Jordan & Justin) were the first people I asked if they liked my hair.  I made up in my mind that if they liked it, I would stick with it!

Needless to say, they liked it and here I am 3 years later!





Living Intentionally

intentionalHappy New Year! I’m still trying to process that we are now in 2019! I’m so thankful for my experiences in 2018 both good and bad.  I have grown so much because of them!  Which leads me into the inspiration behind this post.  If I had to describe how I handled things in 2018, I would say I “winged” it!  Thank God it worked for the most part! Lol

This year my goal for 2019 is to become more intentional! Intentional is defined as done on purpose.  I no longer want to “wing” it.  I am going to do everything with purpose.  I want to be intentional in every area of my life.  One of my favorite Gospel Artist, Travis Greene has a song titled “Intentional”.  The lyrics in the song describe that God is intentional and I’m learning that I should be too!  Intentional about living my life as a Christian, intentional about how I’m spending my time, intentional about how I’m handling my finances, intentional about becoming the best version of myself that I can be.

Below are 10 tips that I’m using in my pursuit of intentional living.

  1. Spend time with God.
  2. Get enough sleep (Rest)
  3. Prepare the night before
  4. Develop a routine/Create good habits
  5. Make a list
  6. Celebrate the “small victories”
  7. Implement a timer
  8. Plan down time
  9. Turn off electronics/Less time on Social Media
  10. Stay focused (Even through the distractions)



Fall Shopping On A Budget- Three Money Saving Tips

Shopping tips


Fall is here and I’m prepping my wardrobe! My main goal while shopping this season is to stay within my budget.  One thing that I’ve learned about shopping and staying within budget is that you have to be strategic.

Below are three (3) shopping tips that you can use to help stay within your budget!

1. Set your limit.

Decide what you are going to spend ahead of time, so you are not doing calculations to see if you can afford the two pair of boots that you have fallen in love with.  Setting a budget before you shop can help prevent you for going overboard and having buyer’s remorse.

2. Take an inventory of all the fall pieces in your closet.

This requires patience and will power!  Patience to try on all of your fall clothes plus accessories and the will power to let some of them go! 🙂  After inventory, you will know exactly what fall pieces and accessories you already have in your closet.  This process will help you create a foundation to build upon.

3..  Create a shopping list.

After you have taken inventory, it’s time to create your shopping list!  Personalize your list with must have items for the season.  This list should reflect pieces that fit your lifestyle and budget.  It will also help keep you on track while shopping and help with preventing impulse purchases!

Before you take your next trip to the mall or visit your favorite online boutique, implement these three (3) tips to help you save both time and money! 🙂

Happy Fall!



My Favorite Eyebrow Products

I think we all can agree that there is nothing like having a good brow day! 🙂 Mainly because eyebrows play a significant role in framing and “finishing” your face.  However, not everyone has full/thick perfectly shaped eyebrows to work with, so that may mean filling them in with a product you prefer to create the most natural look possible.  There are various types of eyebrow grooming products in which you can choose from that range from pencils to gel.  However, today I will be sharing two of my favorite eyebrow products that I use to fill in my brows once they are shaped.

First up is my favorite eyebrow pencil!

I would consider the pencil to be the most popular eyebrow grooming product. They work great for adding a soft natural-looking definition to your arch.  I would rate my brow-drawing skills to be pretty decent but I attribute that to a lot of practice.  However, this Benefit Cosmetic Goof Proof Brow Pencil makes my life easier when it comes to defining my brows.



Use the wide part of the custom goof-proof tip to fill and shape your brows. Build color with a couple of soft & easy strokes.  Use the pointed edge to define the “tail” of your brow.  Lastly, blend with the spoolie-brush for a natural looking brow.

Now that I shared my favorite eyebrow pencil, let’s discuss my favorite eyebrow pomade!  Drum roll please!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Although I don’t use this product every day, it is my go-to product for special occasions when I want to achieve the “eyebrows on fleek” look! I think it is safe to say that this is one of THE must have product for anyone who loves doing their brows.  However, I would not suggest this dipbrow pomade for beginners who are just starting to use a product to define your brows.  It can be a little bit more difficult to use compared to a pencil.  Also, one essential tool that you will need when applying the dipbrow pomade is a stiffed angled brush. This dipbrow is water-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting.  Therefore, it is good to wear if you are attending an outdoor event.  A little goes a long way with this product!



Dip your angled brush in the pomade only using as little product as possible. Fill in the top and bottom of your brow by creating an outline following the shape of your brow.  Once you have completed an outline of your brow, use the excess pomade on your brush to fill in your brow.

If you are a visual kind of girl like me, Click the link below to view a tutorial on how to apply this product!

YouTube Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Tutorial


My holy grail of angled brushes is this Bobbi Brown Angled Eyebrow Brush!  I have been using this brush for years to define my brows using dipbrow products!

Bobbi Brown Brush


Your Chicness Meets IGTV!

yc+igHello!!  It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog and I’m so happy to be back!  A couple of weeks ago, Instagram rolled their newest feature IGTV where you can upload 10 minute videos to share with your followers!  I’m so excited because this gives me the opportunity to not only blog but to also vlog (video form) as well!

Today, I kicked off my first Your Chicness TV on IG TV to answer a question that I’m asked the most! “What do you use on your hair?”  If you haven’t checked it out already, update your Instagram app and head over to my IG page @YourChicness and check it out!  I’m already working on my next episode!



The Little Red Dress


7583853360_IMG_2333 (1)

Hello ladies!! One fashion rule of thumb is that every woman should own a little black dress (LBD).  I totally agree, however, I think that every woman should also own a little red dress (LRD).  Red is a great alternative to black.  It’s vibrant, flirty, and sexy!! It’s something about the color red that exudes confidence.  So, whether you are going out on a romantic date or a night out on the town with your girls, the little red dress is prefect!

P.S. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Check out the chic little red dresses below for inspiration!

Red Bardot Frill Sleeve Tailored Midi Dress
Red bardot frill sleeve tailored midi dress

Charm and Delight Red Off-the-Shoulder Bodycon Dress 3
Charm and delight off-the-shoulder bodycon dress

Vince Camuto cape overlay dress (Plus)

My Favorite Beauty Products

Untitled design (6)

Hey ladies!! I wanted to take the time this week to share some of my favorite beauty (makeup) products with you.  First, I have to confess that I am a product junkie!  I try a lot of products throughout the year and I’m so excited to share the ones that I really love.  So, let’s jump right in!!

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How To Find Your Personal Style

Untitled design (5)

Happy New Year!! 2018 is here and in true fashion, I have set a couple of New Year resolutions/goals.  One that I’m really excited about is revamping my wardrobe!!  I truly feel as though my style has evolved into another direction than some of the pieces that I currently have in my closet.  Therefore, I will begin to revamp my wardrobe to fit my personal style.  Being that this project is going to be an investment, I want to go into this with a plan.  That way, I can stay within my budget and stay focused.  So, before I shop online or head to the nearest boutique or Galleria, I thought it would be a good idea for me to define my personal style first.

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Rihanna Reign: Fenty Beauty Lipsticks

Rihanna           Photo: @badgalriri/Instagram

The Rihanna reign just won’t let up!!! Fenty Beauty announced a new line of lipsticks that will be dropping on December 26th! The new line, MatteMoiselle will contain 14 shades of matte lipsticks, ranging from nudes, a green, to a bold fuchsia, and a dark navy in which Rihanna is pictured in herself (above).  RiRi personally announced the news on Instagram on Tuesday:
Rihanna 1

Fenty Beauty has taken the beauty world by storm and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon!I I am super excited about this line and cannot wait to get my hands on a couple of the shades! These lipsticks will be available on, (as well as in stores) beginning at 9am on December 26th.  Save a few extra holiday coins and mark your calendars!  Take a look at some of the gorgeous shades.

Are you ready for this new Fenty drop?  I sure am!

Gift Idea for Him: The Five Senses Gift


Happy Friday!! We are 16 days away from Christmas and I have not purchased not one single gift.  Honestly, that’s nothing new because I’m always a last minute shopper.  When it comes to my kids, shopping is pretty easy.  The difficulty comes in when I’m shopping for my husband.  It’s not that he is hard to please, it’s the pressure of trying to top the gift I gave him last year.  As I was thinking about what I was going to get him the other night, it hit me!!  It’s not the value of the gift that counts, it is really the thought that counts!

So, instead of browsing Amazon, Best Buy, or Saks for the latest and greatest gadget or designer threads, I’m going to really put some thought into his gift this year. Which brings me to this awesome thoughtful gift idea I found!  The five senses gift concept.  This idea is easy, romantic, inexpensive, and definitely thoughtful!

The concept revolves around the five basic senses (sight, touch, hear, taste, and smell). Therefore, I will give him a gift for each sense. I haven’t purchased the gifts yet but I wanted to share the concept with you and gift ideas for each sense! 🙂

1. Sense of Sight

  • Trip to his favorite game (basketball, football, hockey, etc.…)
  • Gift card for a movie date night
  • Sexy lingerie for him to see you in! 🙂
  • Photos of you, the kids, etc.…
  • A handwritten love letter

2. Sense of Touch

  • Full body massage (a certificate to a spa or massage oils for you to massage him)
  • Silk boxers
  • Touch screen electronic device
  • Pillow

3. Sense of Sound (hearing)

  • Concert tickets
  • Watch (I thought the “ticking” of the watch could fit into this category)
  • Wireless earphones

4. Sense of Taste

  • Favorite bottle of wine, beer, vodka, etc…
  • Dinner to his favorite restaurant or cook his favorite meal
  • Favorite snacks
  • Edible massage oil

5. Sense of Smell

  • Cologne
  • Scented body wash/ lotion
  • Cigar
  • Car air freshener

These are just a few gift ideas for this concept to help get you started! Another great thing about this concept is that it can be used for any family member or friend!  Cheers to thoughtful Christmas gifts this year! Be sure to check out Pinterest for more inspiration! Happy Shopping!

Photos: Pinterest

Four Chic Holiday Party Clutches

clutchesThanksgiving is over and if you are like me, you are gearing up for a jam-packed social calendar next month! From holiday parties, cocktail hours, and family gatherings, you are sure to be busy until the clock strikes 2018. So, with all of the chic holiday looks you have started to put together, you will need a festive clutch to accessorize your look!  I have rounded up a four clutches under $50 to help you navigate through the holiday party scene!

1.) This sequin clutch will definitely add some sparkle to your look!

sequin clutch

2.) Velvet is one of the hottest fabrics this season! You cannot go wrong with adding this velvet clutch to your look!


3.) Tis’ the season for bling! This jeweled clutch will add a little bedazzle to your look!


4.) This faux fur clutch will compliment any look this holiday season!

faux fur

The Sweater Dress

IMG_0113 (1)

The sweater dress is a fall/winter must have! It is so easy to throw on for a stylish comfortable look!  Another great thing about the sweater dress is that it is very versatile.  You can pair it with tights, boots, or booties and this look is good to go!  The sweater dress comes in various styles, knits, colors, and patterns so you are able to wear it on the weekend or to work.

I’m wearing a black ribbed lace up sweater dress from Misguided. This dress is one of my favorite purchases.  It’s stylish and comfortable!

A sweater dress is perfect to wear on a Saturday night when you are having dinner with your girlfriends!  If you are looking for a comfy stylish sweater dress, check out two of my favorite sweater dress styles below.

Have a great week!


Office Chic


Happy Monday!! If you are like me, then it’s time to head to the office!  I have been working in an office for years and have seen business attire evolve from boring to fashionable!  Majority of my career, I have worked in organizations with conservative dress codes.  However, there are some organizations today that have adopted a more casual dress code.  Either way, you can still stay true to your sense of style while looking professional.  I like to refer to it as being office chic!

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Three Ways to Style the Classic White Button Down Shirt

Hi ladies! Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago I listed four classic essential pieces that you need in your wardrobe.  The classic white button down shirt was one of those pieces.  Normally, when you think of a white button down, the first thing that comes to mind is polished or preppy.  Therefore, it may stay tucked away in the back of your closet until needed.  However, don’t under estimate this basic essential piece. Today, I’m going to show you three ways you can take this basic essential piece from boring to fashionable!

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Plaid, Please!

It’s Wardrobe Wednesday!! Plaid is one of the hottest trends this fall!  When you think of plaid, you normally think of the oversized grunge flannel shirts.  This year plaid was featured on the runway in bright, soft tones, and neutral colors.  From suits, dresses, skirts, and blazers, plaid patterns are definitely one trend you will see while shopping online and in stores.  You should be able to find a plaid piece in just about every brand this fall!


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Casual Chic: The Cold Shoulder Sweater

I hope that you ladies are getting a great start to your week! As the temperature continues to drop, I’m getting more excited to share my fall looks with you.  I’m especially excited to share this look because it’s one of my favorites!!  This cold shoulder sweater allows me to bring this popular summer trend into the fall!!  It’s a fun way to show a little skin while still being comfortable!

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Four Fall Booties under $100

four booties

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion!  Whether it’s layering pieces or adding a pair of stylish tights with a dress, you are guaranteed to get the most wear out of your wardrobe during the fall.  Which brings me to a fall must-have, a pair of stylish booties!  It is almost impossible to go throughout fall without a pair!  Because they are so versatile, you cannot go wrong with investing in a couple pair of booties in various styles and colors. 

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Fall Flats: The Mule Edition

Lately, I have found myself reaching for a pair of flats instead of heels. One reason being the long walk from the parking lot to my office every morning.  I have found that the walk is a lot faster and comfortable in flats! Flats have come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of style.  One trend that you will definitely see while looking for a pair of flats in the store and online is the mule.  Just about every store is selling them.  One of the first pair I fell in love with were from Gucci.  However, they were out of my price range but hopefully one day I will get to splurge.  Until then, I searched for the next best thing within my budget.

The mule has really evolved into a stylish flat. You can wear them to work as well as on the weekend. For work, you can pair them with a blazer and cropped pants. For a casual chic weekend look, you can pair them with a cardigan and jeans.  You can’t go wrong with adding a pair to your wardrobe this fall.  However, being that this trend will probably go out of style within the next year or so, I have rounded up four pair of mules under $50.

From right to left.

  1. Women’s Kona Backless Mule Loafers- Merona
  2. Leopard Whiley Chain- Accented Flat Mules
  3. Leather Mules With Frill
  4. Qupid Floral Embroidery Horsebit Slip On Flat Mule

Will you be sliding into a pair of mules?

DIY Lip Scrub- Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye


Fall is here and it is a great time to begin a lip care regime that will keep your pout fresh and kissable! Exfoliating with a natural scrub is one way to achieve soft lips.  The best thing about it is that you get to bring the spa right into your own bathroom with three simple ingredients.

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Four Classic Wardrobe Essentials

There are many trends that come and go and come back again. However, there are some essential pieces that you need in your wardrobe that will never go out of style.  They can serve as the building blocks for the perfect chic wardrobe.  Those pieces range from the black blazer that takes you from the office to happy hour and the black pumps that take you from the boardroom to the sidewalk.  I have listed my top 4 classic essential pieces that every wardrobe needs.

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How to Use Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

coconut-oil-coconutsA couple of months ago, I started on a journey to replace some of my everyday essential drug store products with more natural products. As I’m getting older, I am trying to be more conscientious of what I put on and in my body. The first product that I decided to find a natural alternative to was makeup remover wipes.  During the time, I really wanted to change my skin care regimen in hopes to one day becoming foundation free and having that clear, glowing, even toned complexion in which I have!  I will share more on how I achieved foundation free skin in another post.

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All About The Girlfriend Jean

night 1

It’s all about the girlfriend jean! The idea of stylish + comfort drew me to this particular fit. Although similar to the look of the boyfriend jeans, the girlfriend jeans provide a more flattering fit.  They are baggy in all the right places, tighter, and higher on the hip with a tapered slim straight leg, and stop just above the ankle.  They are a better looking, fitting, and more feminine version of the boyfriend or Mom jean.

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Five Easy Ways To Relax After A Long Day


My mornings begin somewhere between 5:30am and 6:00am every morning depending on how many times I hit the snooze button. I usually leave work anywhere between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.  After I leave the office, it’s time to put on the wife and mommy hat and get stuff done.  That can mean picking my nine-year old up from after school care, taking him to any extracurricular practices, running errands, cooking, washing, and the list goes on.  Needless to say, by the time I’m done, I am EXHAUSTED.

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Matte Kind of Girl

Matte (1)

As the saying goes, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”! In my case, I prefer a matte finish.  Even though I do have a couple of lip glosses in my collection, matte is mainly my preference.  Here are three (3) reasons why I love a matte lip!

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IMG_0998 (1)

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe the day has come and I am officially launching my blog. It’s not just a blog, it’s a long time aspiration of mine.  Over the years, there has been this one thing that has kept me from doing it and it is called FEAR.  Fear that it wouldn’t be good enough, fear that I wouldn’t have time, and fear that I would fail.  After much prayer and encouragement, I am pleased to introduce my baby!!

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