Fall Flats: The Mule Edition

Lately, I have found myself reaching for a pair of flats instead of heels. One reason being the long walk from the parking lot to my office every morning.  I have found that the walk is a lot faster and comfortable in flats! Flats have come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of style.  One trend that you will definitely see while looking for a pair of flats in the store and online is the mule.  Just about every store is selling them.  One of the first pair I fell in love with were from Gucci.  However, they were out of my price range but hopefully one day I will get to splurge.  Until then, I searched for the next best thing within my budget.

The mule has really evolved into a stylish flat. You can wear them to work as well as on the weekend. For work, you can pair them with a blazer and cropped pants. For a casual chic weekend look, you can pair them with a cardigan and jeans.  You can’t go wrong with adding a pair to your wardrobe this fall.  However, being that this trend will probably go out of style within the next year or so, I have rounded up four pair of mules under $50.

From right to left.

  1. Women’s Kona Backless Mule Loafers- Merona
  2. Leopard Whiley Chain- Accented Flat Mules
  3. Leather Mules With Frill
  4. Qupid Floral Embroidery Horsebit Slip On Flat Mule

Will you be sliding into a pair of mules?

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