Office Chic


Happy Monday!! If you are like me, then it’s time to head to the office!  I have been working in an office for years and have seen business attire evolve from boring to fashionable!  Majority of my career, I have worked in organizations with conservative dress codes.  However, there are some organizations today that have adopted a more casual dress code.  Either way, you can still stay true to your sense of style while looking professional.  I like to refer to it as being office chic!


IMG_0041 (1)

For this look, I wore a leopard print blouse, green high waist stretch ankle pants, a three-quarter length black blazer and tan pumps. If you would like to add these chic pieces to your office wardrobe, shop my look below!

  1. Express Black Ruched Sleeve Jacket
  2. 7th Avenue Tie Sleeve Leopard Blouse
  3. 7th Avenue Green High Waist Ankle Stretch Pants
  4. Steve Madden Suede Pumps

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Office Chic

  1. Jackie says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen the office evolution and boardroom attire no longer a two piece suit but a nice combination of chicness!


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