How To Find Your Personal Style

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Happy New Year!! 2018 is here and in true fashion, I have set a couple of New Year resolutions/goals.  One that I’m really excited about is revamping my wardrobe!!  I truly feel as though my style has evolved into another direction than some of the pieces that I currently have in my closet.  Therefore, I will begin to revamp my wardrobe to fit my personal style.  Being that this project is going to be an investment, I want to go into this with a plan.  That way, I can stay within my budget and stay focused.  So, before I shop online or head to the nearest boutique or Galleria, I thought it would be a good idea for me to define my personal style first.

The term “Personal style” is thrown around a lot. It’s something that we automatically have but it does not come easy.  It takes a lot of work and effort to put together a wardrobe that reflects who you are. Below are four key questions you can ask yourself to help define your personal style.

What words would you use to describe your style? (Examples: chic, bright, conservative, bold, comfortable)

Take time to really think about the overall vibe of your style. The words you use should be descriptive.  Using descriptive words as it relates to your style will help you recognize an overall theme or feeling of your style.

What do you want your style to say about you?

I think this is a very important question. After all, style is a form of self-expression.  Writing down the qualities you want to express will help you define your personal style.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ~ Rachel Zoe

Who inspires you and why?

A couple of months ago, I featured a post on Facebook on my style inspiration (Tracie Ellis Ross) and some reasons why I love her style. I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to emulate the qualities and style of someone who inspires you. The person may be your mother, sister, BFF, fashion blogger, celebrity, etc…  Having someone who inspires you enables you to help recognize what you see as being stylish.

How does your style fit into your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle definitely impacts your style, so you want to make sure that your wardrobe is functional for your everyday activities. For example, I work in an office environment with a business/professional dress code Monday – Friday.  My weekends can include activities ranging from a soccer game to dinner and a movie.  Therefore, my wardrobe consists of business suits, trousers, heels, sneakers, leggings, etc…  All which are a reflection of my lifestyle.  It is important to create a wardrobe that reflects the reality of your lifestyle.  Otherwise, you will be investing in items that you may only wear one time.

Based off of your answers to the questions above, you should have a better idea of what your style is and how to develop it. Another helpful hint is to create a name for your personal style.  Even fashion powerhouses name their runway collection in efforts to help maintain a cohesive flow of their looks.  Based off of my answers to the questions, I have named my personal style Minimalist Trendy Chic.  Being descriptive allows you to start shopping and dressing with purpose.  Happy Styling!


One thought on “How To Find Your Personal Style

  1. Tiffany Smith says:

    This is really helpful Chanel as I am trying to transition and grow more into myself and bring out my inner me. Thanks for being an inspiration.


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