How To Achieve A Bomb Wash and Go

When it comes to achieving a wash and go style, I do not believe that it is one size fit all! There are various types of natural hair and no one has the same curl pattern or texture. However, I do believe that the key to achieving the prefect wash and go is using the right product(s) that work best with defining and moisturizing your curls.

A wash and go can be achieved at home and in the salon. Don’t let the name fool you! 🙂 It sounds super fast and easy, but there are steps that you should follow to ensure that your curls looked defined and moisturized. This is best done by using the LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method. This method has been my holy grail to achieve a bomb wash and go!

1. Wet hair

This can be done by washing your hair with a high quality shampoo or wetting your dry hair with a spray bottle.

2. Part your hair in 4 sections

Parting your hair in sections is a life saver! This makes detangling easy and allows you to make sure that the moisture from the water and products are evenly distributed throughout your hair.

3. Begin the LOC Method one section at a time.

  • Apply Liquid (water) with a spray bottle
  • Apply Oil of your choice to seal in the moisture
  • Apply Cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss

4. Let your hair air dry

The LOC Method has been scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to moisturize natural hair when using the right products in the right order!!

Tip: If you experience shrinkage once your hair is dry, you can stretch your hair using the banding method.

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